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Product Groups

  • politek compact kuvetlerCOMPACT SYSTEMS
    Do you want to make a steam bath? Or to massage your feet? But what if you could listen to music in your bathroom?. With all of these models can Politek Compact Bathroom.
    Compact Bathroom Models Politek bathing pleasure is designed to convert your needs. Compact when you enter your bathroom ...
  • politek elit seriELİT SERIES
    We are delighted to introduce the new Elite series küvetlerimizle. We designed a bathroom where you can have the luxury of simplicity and at the same time. Be joining a very elite are sure to love our range of luxury in simplicity of these basins are pleased to share with you. I'm gonna go a lot like a simple and elegant lines ...
  • politek ozel kuvetlerCLASSIC SERIES
    Life in the Middle Ages, Baroque classical bathtubs you sometimes, and sometimes the Renaissance architecture of Tuscany's magnificent unity of classic and modern with götürecek.Kendinizi private Feels bring to your bathroom.
    All bathroom designs or classic or rustic Tuscan most worthy Western classical küvetlerdir ...


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    evim sahane sponsor
  • TÜYAP Fuar Röportajı


  • Politek Banyo Web Site
    Politek Banyo Web Site   aWe provide a better service, a better explanation of products and services on behalf of the renewed our web site. In the structure, which is an interactive web site,…





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